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Employees are valuable assets of an enterprise
Little Dinosaur Group is a large enterprise group engaged in the design, research and development, production, sales and service of children's products such as children's bicycles, baby strollers, children's tricycles, children's electric vehicles, children's clothing, wooden furniture, cribs and infant products.The group was founded in November 2000, and has jurisdiction over Luo Rui Sports Goods (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Kaleli Trading (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., and Huizhi Children's Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.The headquarter of the group is located at No. 270, Zhongjie Road, Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City, covering a total area of ​​168 mu, with a construction area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, more than 1,800 employees, and an annual output of more than 6 million baby carriages of various types.The group's own brand --- Huizhi, its baby carriages and cribs are mainly exported to Europe and the United States.The group's sales in 2021 will reach 643 million yuan, and it has been rated as 'Top Ten Sales Enterprises' and 'Top Ten Taxpaying Enterprises' in the region for many years.


+86 0512-36651888


Talent Strategy
The company has always adhered to the people-oriented concept, committed to creating an equal, inclusive, mutual trust, and collaborative working environment, and provided a stage for employees to display their talents. We abide by human resource policies and regulations, and build a good growth platform for every employee.
Employees are valuable assets of an enterprise, so we actively promote and improve employee compensation, welfare and insurance systems.Further refine the economic value added (EVA) and the performance assessment of all employees, and implement differentiated assessments according to the overall goals of the enterprise and the characteristics of each affiliated enterprise, so as to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the assessment.The company always adheres to the principles of democracy, openness, competition and merit selection, and selects and hires all kinds of outstanding talents from inside and outside.
Talent Concept
Talents eager for integrity, passion, daring to take responsibility, full of lofty ideals and down-to-earth talents are welcome to join!We will spare no effort to create unlimited development space and talent planning for you.
Talent Planning
In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of the enterprise's business, four talent teams have been trained in five years: first, senior talents and experts who understand the development trend of the international market, have experience and ability to implement domestic and foreign engineering project management, and understand business management team.The second is a team of management talents who are full of dedication, familiar with business management and related professional skills, and have strong organizational, coordination and management capabilities.The third is a team of professional and technical personnel with reasonable knowledge structure, professional structure and age structure.The fourth is a team of operational skilled personnel with complete majors and a reasonable echelon structure.
In terms of talent structure, the proportion of professional titles of talents tends to be more reasonable, and the proportion of talents with high, middle and junior professional titles is adjusted to 1:2:2; the age structure of talents is further improved, and the proportion of talents under the age of 45 reaches more than 85%; the education structure of talents has been greatly improved Improvement, the personnel with a bachelor's degree or above will reach 60%.
In terms of personnel training, vigorously carry out training and continuing education, highlight the key points and grades of training, and comprehensively improve the quality of various talents.By 2015, a staff training system and a continuing education system for professional and technical personnel in line with the actual situation of the enterprise will be initially established.
In terms of the talent growth environment, create a harmonious humanistic environment and a good atmosphere in which people can give full play to their talents from the perspective of policies, systems and mechanisms, and make the talent growth environment more perfect by establishing and improving mechanisms such as talent training, use, evaluation and incentives.
Personnel Policy
Firmly establish the concept of 'talent first', select talents, train talents, retain talents, and form an atmosphere of respecting and caring for talents within the enterprise.
Through the implementation of the middle-level management personnel appointment and staff optimization combination induction system, the establishment of a flexible employment mechanism of competitive employment, merit-based employment, promotion and dismissal, change of post and salary, dynamic management and a salary distribution system full of incentives will promote talents to come to the fore. Enterprise competitiveness and cohesion.
The enterprise pays attention to cultural construction, dilutes the identity of employees, strengthens the sense of responsibility, and builds a harmonious enterprise through a perfect retention mechanism.The first is to establish a career retention mechanism.Adhere to people-oriented, while seeking continuous development of the enterprise, actively build a stage for employees to display their talents, give them sufficient space to realize their own life value, and finally achieve a win-win interaction between the enterprise and talents and coordinate development; mechanism.Fully consider the difficulties and needs of employees, pay close attention to the vital interests of employees, take various measures, and strive to solve practical problems such as work and settlement for them, and at the same time reform the salary system, implement various benefits, and increase the retention of employees with generous remuneration The third is to establish a mechanism for emotional retention.Strengthen the construction of corporate culture, create a people-oriented, equal treatment, equal opportunity, and fair competition talent growth environment, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, enhance the staff's sense of identity and belonging to the company, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.
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The Little Dinosaur Group is engaged in children's bicycles, baby strollers, children's tricycles, children's electric vehicles, children's clothing,
A large enterprise group that designs, develops, produces, sells and services children's products such as wooden furniture, cribs and baby products


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