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Our colleagues may come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, but all our teams have common
Little Dinosaur Values:
Working on Tiny Dinosaurs


Keep an open mind and a rich imagination.Only those who have dreams can make all the impossible possible.

Desire and drive are the keys to achieving our goals.Passion can help you overcome any difficulty.


Be daring, bold, and resilient to face all kinds of difficulties.This is how we conduct our work and projects.

trust and faith

Believe in yourself and your team.This enables each colleague to take risks and make the right decisions.


Be humble and respectful to business partners, clients and colleagues.


Be mindful of everything you do.Interact with our products, partners and customers.

We redefine modern parenting.

Start your international career in Little Dinosaur Group now!
We realize that we have great potential and a significant global presence due to the diversity of our team.We, Little Dinosaurs Group, are proud of having an excellent team from various industries.We bring together experts from around the world to inspire creativity and continually pursue industry best practices.
At Little Dinosaur Group, our employees are our heart, body and soul.Through the concept of employees first, we realize that our employees are our core, and every employee deserves to be fully respected.

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A large enterprise group that designs, develops, produces, sells and services children's products such as wooden furniture, cribs and baby products


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