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Focus on left-behind children Huizhi in action
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Focus on left-behind children Huizhi in action

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Focus on left-behind children Huizhi in action

On the evening of October 19th, Beijing time, the '2016 TJPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Action' jointly sponsored by the China Toy and Baby Products Association and the China Children and Teenagers' Fund was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. The funds will be used to support poor left-behind children.At the charity dinner, Mr. Zhu Xisheng, Secretary-General of China Children and Teenagers' Foundation, Ms. Liang Mei, President of China Toy and Baby Products Association, and representatives of 10 founding units including Huizhi Brand jointly launched the 'TJPA Care Project·B&U Accompanying Program '.

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At the charity dinner, the initiator of '2016 TJPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Action' - Chairman Lu Zhousheng, the founder of Huizhi brand, accepted the media interview

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Initiator of 'JPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Action'-Founder of Huizhi Brand Chairman Lu Zhousheng

Media: What considerations does Huizhi choose to be the initiator of '2016 TJPACare Project • B&U Accompanying Action'?

Lu Zhousheng: The concept of Huizhi brand is 'extreme experience, sharing the future'. Children are the future of the country and the family. We deeply understand that parents can understand and master new concepts, new knowledge and new methods of family education; It is very important to understand parents and feel the care from parents and society, so as to help them establish a correct outlook on life and values, and spread the correct way of companionship.Advocate the formation of a new social trend of companionship, and let the whole society pay attention to children's own problems, family problems, and social problems caused by lack of guardianship and companionship.The key point is to support the left-behind children in the families of corporate employees. Through organizing a series of companionship activities, parents can strengthen their awareness of companionship and realize that the best education is companionship.This coincides with the TJPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Action', and the cooperation is a matter of course. The two parties work together to provide help to the children, so that the children can feel the love and warmth of the society.

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Media: In addition to the JPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Action' project, what other public welfare projects has Huizhi helped support?

Lu Zhousheng:The Huizhi brand was established in 2012. In just a few years, our products have spread all over the country, and our love has also spread to all parts of the country. So far, we have funded nearly 200 poor families with left-behind children.We have successively cooperated with charitable organizations such as the Red Cross Foundation and China Children's Foundation in China to help improve the quality of life of left-behind children from poor families.

Media: What plans does Huizhi have in public welfare in the future?

Lu Zhousheng:It is our mission to improve the quality of life of children and achieve the maternal love of smart mothers. Huizhi will develop more humanized and intelligent baby care products to make mothers more comfortable raising babies; Early childhood education and other dimensions are constructed; thirdly, we will be more active and focus on participating in related charity activities in the field of infants and children, and practice corporate social responsibility.

Media: How do you think enterprises should better fulfill their social responsibilities?

Lu Zhousheng:The infant and child industry is first of all a highly responsible industry. This industry is related to the future of the country and every family. Therefore, as a business enterprise, the first task is to make products that are safe and reliable. Good product quality is right. Society has fulfilled its greatest responsibility.The core business philosophy of the Huizhi brand is to create value for others, including consumers, society, employees, shareholders, and partners. If we cannot create value for them, we will lose our reason for existence.We actively participate in social welfare and charity, and spread the energy of love to the society. We will also win the respect of the society and others.In the process of spreading love, Huizhi will call on more companies in the baby and child industry to participate together, and let the government and society pay attention to and support the toy and baby products industry through 'TJPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Program'; Recognizing the importance of Chinese toys and baby products in the growth process of children, especially children's toys play the role of companionship, stimulate the passion for industry development, generate the source of power born of love, so that every child can grow up healthily, Let love deeply penetrate into the DNA of each brand and product, thus promoting the continuous development of the industry and enterprises.

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