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The group currently has 286 management personnel of various types, including 28 senior technical personnel and 85 intermediate technical personnel. More than 100 new products are developed every year, and more than 300 authorized patents are obtained. The research and development expenses account for more than 8% of the annual sales revenue.
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On the evening of October 19th, Beijing time, the '2016 TJPA Care Project • B&U Accompanying Action' jointly sponsored by the China Toy and Baby Products Association and the China Children and Teenagers' Fund was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. The funds will be used to support poor left-behind children.At the charity dinner, Mr. Zhu Xisheng, Secretary-General of China Children and Teenagers' Foundation, Ms. Liang Mei, President of China Toy and Baby Products Association, and representatives of 10 founding units including Huizhi Brand jointly launched the 'TJPA Care Project·B&U Accompanying Program '.
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The Little Dinosaur Group is engaged in children's bicycles, baby strollers, children's tricycles, children's electric vehicles, children's clothing,
A large enterprise group that designs, develops, produces, sells and services children's products such as wooden furniture, cribs and baby products


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